Hillary Rogerson
Hope you are all staying healthy and happy while we are in this unique situation. Miss you all! https://youtu.be/Kw_wHzdpsCg

Project for elective students! 
Hello all you beautiful people! I hope you are holding up during this unprecedented time. I want you all to know I miss you and your presence, I miss my students and I miss our beautiful campus where we get to share in learning and life. 
I'm sure many of you have seen the videos produced by John Krazinski called "Some Good News" where he "reports" nothing but things that warm the heart, bring smiles and gratitude. If you haven't, please click the links below to enjoy the happiness he shares. 

In episode 2, he starts off by showing some copy cats and it gave me the idea to produce a LOCAL SGN segment, full of the wonderful and beautiful things our community is doing to cope, survive, serve, adapt, support and be grateful.

I'm looking for content such as: quarantined weddings, births, birthdays, pet fashion shows, creative family time/homeschooling, fun photo shoots, videos, thank you signs made for healthcare/essential workers, hearts/teddy bears in windows for those walking by to see, art projects, virtual dance lessons, music lessons, etc. Have you been making masks? Show me! Have you done any art projects? Show me! I'd also love to hear what you've have been doing to help our community as well. Has anyone helped you during this time? Share! The idea is to be spreading joy and smiles in a time where we are feeling alone because of our isolation.
Gathering/sharing content is a project for my elective students but I would love any and all to participate! I have created an email specifically for this purpose: sgnredding@gmail.com. Please put your content in a google drive and send anything you might want to share with our beautiful and strong community to this email. I am producing the first segment this Friday, so I would like all submissions by then. Even if you miss the deadline, keep sending! We're hoping to make this episodic. 

Stay strong! Stay healthy! BE HAPPY!! We're in this together!