Kate Lindberg

Personal Message

Welcome back to school! This Trimester I will be teaching the following classes:

Math 3, Daily 8:07-9:15, class ends earlier on Mondays

Ms. Li's Grades 3/4 Art Class
Thursday & Friday, 9:35-10:10

Mrs. Zimmerman & Mrs. Zanirolin's Grade 2/3/4 Art Class
Tues. & Wed.,11:35-12:15 or 12:20-12:55

Mixed Media Art Elective, Grades 4/5 
Tues. & Wed. 1:15-2:00

Set Design, Grades 6-8, 
Tuesday through Friday, 2:05-3:00

I am looking forward to another creative and exciting year!
Respectfully, Kate Lindberg