Marilyn Schack


Important Dates

Dec. 10 & 17-Assemblies 10am
Dec 4-10-Scholastic Book Fair
Dec. 7-Nov/Dec Book Orders due
Dec. 13-Singing at Willow Springs Alzheimer's Special Care Center field trip
Dec. 20-Nov/Dec Book Project due
Dec. 21-Jan. 7-Winter Break
Jan. 21-Martin Luther King Jr. holiday
Jan. 23-Mulan Musical trip

Library Visits

Tuesdays~Turquoise Class                 

Nov./Dec. Book Project
Create a

Did You Know Fact Wheel



1.Choose a nonfiction book.

2.While reading your book identify 6 interesting facts. These could be facts that you did not know or facts that you feel would be very interesting to others.

3.Prepare the discs. Cut out each disc being careful not to cut too far into the middle of the top piece. Your brad must be able to attach to the exact center of the disc. Attach the two discs with a brad. Brads are available in the classroom when you are ready for one.

4.On the top disc, write DID YOU KNOW…the title of your book, author, illustrator or photographer and your name.

5.Draw a picture on the top disc to get your reader excited about the facts they will learn.

6.Create a fun border design around the top of each wedge.

7.On each wedge write a complete sentence to inform your readers of an interesting fact. If room, draw a picture depicting that fact.

8. Specific Project Requirements-

“Creative Lettering” of the words DID YOU KNOW on the cover (top disc).

Markers are ok for outlining and specific artwork details.


Girl Wearing Polka Dot Dress.pngKid Wearing Cap.png

                             The more you read,
                              the more you know.
                             The more you know, 
                            the smarter you grow. 
                           The smarter you grow,
                           the stronger your voice
                          when speaking your mind 
                              or making a choice!