Marilyn Schack


Important Dates
April 8 Assembly 10am
April 9 Spirit Week/Pajama Day
April 10 Field Trip to see Shrek the Musical
April 10 Spirit Week/Crazy Hair Day
April 11 Spirit Week/Hawaiian Tourist Day
April 15-19 Spring Break
April 29 Assembly 8:10am
May 6 Assembly 8:10am
May 13 YCT Testing
May 20 Assembly 8:10am
May 24 Greco/Roman Theme Day
Minimum Day

Library Visits

Tuesdays~Turquoise Class                 



Girl Wearing Polka Dot Dress.pngKid Wearing Cap.png

                             The more you read,
                              the more you know.
                             The more you know, 
                            the smarter you grow. 
                           The smarter you grow,
                           the stronger your voice
                          when speaking your mind 
                              or making a choice!