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Go to the following links for video messages from Mr. Burkett:   --- our "first day of school" assembly.   --- visit 1                 --- visit 2

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Below are links sent out by Mr. Burkett for you to join us in our "virtual" sing-along at 10:00 today, Monday, April 13th, 2020.  Watch in order as they appear below.  --- Mr. Burkett introduces the "sing-along" and shares two songs. --- What Does the RSA Fox Say at an assembly with all the teachers dancing in fox costumes.  --- Vera Lynn sings: "We'll Meet Again" --- Sheirdan Smith sings: "We'll Meet Again"        --- teacher message: wishing we were together   --- virtual "sing along" Mon. April 26   --- virtual "sing along" Mon. May 4      ---virtual "sing along" Mon. May 18

 Doctor Noize Stay At Home Page.   --- this is a great song with resources of fun music and activities designed by a friend of mine who has visited RSA many times over the past 5 years.

Hello to all my music students.  I am so sorry we can't be together for a while.  However, I am hoping that you will continue to keep working on your musical skills during our time away from the school site.  Below are some fun activities for you to review as you keep growing in your daily music appreciation and practice:

Sing, clap and dance along with:

Check this website out.  It has lots of great music activities:

Look this over with your parents:

And here is a set of music lessons with The Prodigies Music Curriculum:

Here is a really cool website that has lots of activities for you to review:  It is made possible by the Dallas Symphony Orchestra.

Other activities which will help your child in his/her musical growth K-4th grade:

  1. Create a song about your pet and write it down.
  2. Listen to songs that your parents like.  Ask them about it.
  3. Sing to a friend or a relative over the phone or facetime.
  4. Listen to the soundtrack to your favorite movie.
  5. If you have Pandora or Spotify, listen to music of a country you would like to visit
  6. Play classical music and draw what the music sounds like.
  7. Make your own instrument out of recycled materials.
  8. Make up a new hand clap pattern to a jump rope rhyme.
  9. Have your parents or grandparents teach you a song they liked to sing
  10. Teach your sibling, parents, or grandparents your favorite song from music class.
  11. Find an easy rhyming book and turn it into a song or a rap.
  12. Create movements to your favorite song. 
  13. Listen to music of different kinds (country, pop, rock, classical, hip hop, jazz).
  14. Go on a walk in nature and write down all of the nature sounds you hear.
  15. Watch a musical together with your family such as “The Sound Of Music”, “Mary Poppins”, “Chitty Chitty Bang Bang”, “The Music Man”, “The King and I”.  

There are so many more great websites and youtube offerings that can be found.  If you would like to suggest any to me, or if you have any questions, please email me at

Take good care of yourself and I will see you soon!
Mr. Burkett