4th and 5th Grade Elective Class
I'm so sorry for the delay! I have been without good internet and had to wait to post this when we returned to school. We will be performing this show at the end of the second trimester (February). I'll need some volunteer help for props and costume. Please email me at hrogerson@rsarts.org if interested! 

Mustache Melodrama CAST LIST:

Snidely Mustache: Tucker
Rip Off Van Winkle: Reagan
Grant Goodheart: Nick
Joy Goodheart: MJ
Cal Culator: Karis
Laura: Zahli
Hearthrob Harry: Brock
Sally the Shoeshine Girl: Irelynn
*Suzie the Shoeshine Girl, too: Kadence
*Samantha the Shoeshine Girl, also: Brielle
Popcorn Wrangler 1: Lance
Popcorn Wrangler 2: Reece
Popcorn Wrangler 3: Carson
Popcorn Wrangler 4: Walker
Postal Worker: Aaron
Teacher: Ellie
Grocer: Rook
**Fireman: William
**Policeman: Lyra
**Lemonade stand Kid: Madi
**Lemonade stand kid's mom: Ally

*existing lines will be divided 
**new lines will be created

Important Dates