North State Charter JPA:  Special Education

The purpose of the North State Charter Joint Powers Authority (JPA) is to create an entity for the sharing of special education resources and for the creation of shared services for students enrolled in member charter schools. The JPA provides guidance, support, and procedures to staff and parents in order to develop positive and professional team relationships to produce improved student achievement. The JPA also consults with charter schools throughout California to assist in the development and implementation of their special education plans. 

North State Charter JPA Staff Members

Wendy Sanders Director
Jennifer Justice Administrative Assistant

Elsa Carcamo School Nurse
Peggy Dawson       School Psychologist

MacKenzie Eells Occupational Therapist
Erica Hunting        School Psychologist Intern
Beth Johnson Education Specialist
Candice Percia School Counselor
Maryann Potts Speech and Language Pathologist
Nate Sharits Education Specialist

Dean Teig Education Specialist

Paraprofessional Staff 

Barbara King Lead - Redding School of the Arts
Gina Brockman Redding STEM Academy
Silvia Holstein Redding School of the Arts