RSA School Mission & Philosophy 

The mission of the Redding School of the Arts (RSA) is to provide those students who have an interest in visual or performing arts with skills for the 21st century - the ability to read, write, speak and calculate with clarity and precision, and participate in the life of the community.  RSA seeks to accomplish its goal of high academic and behavioral standards through a student-centered, interdisciplinary, thematic approach, multicultural/multilingual environment with emphasis on the arts.  This charter school will enable students to become literate, self-motivated and life-long learners who appreciate, enjoy, and respect the visual and performing arts.

We believe that a student-centered educational program that emphasizes the arts will improve our targeted students’ learning by allowing them to develop both strong academic skills as well as creativity reflecting higher order thinking skills. RSA’s philosophy is based on the belief that when the school, parents and community work together to empower a child using a holistic approach, the child will be equipped to achieve his/her educational goals and become a contributing member to society.  In addition, we believe that RSA will increase learning opportunities for our targeted students.  Students living in rural areas often have fewer opportunities to participate in the arts outside of school.  Accordingly, we feel it is an important priority for them to have access to a strong arts program as part of the school day.

The following educational goals support the mission and vision of Redding School of the Arts and address the needs of all students including socioeconomically disadvantaged pupils, English learners, pupils with disabilities and gifted learners. RSA bases its goals on the objective of enabling students to become self-motivated, competent lifelong learners.

Goal One- Academic Excellence: Students at RSA will demonstrate academic excellence and measurable progress in all core content areas through a holistic approach to learning.

Goal Two- Global Competence: Students at RSA will develop positive attitudes toward other languages and cultures and demonstrate their ability to appreciate the traditions and values of various cultures in our society and around the world.

Goal Three- Positive School Culture: RSA will develop a positive, collaborative, and involved school community to support the educational program.