Expected School-Wide Learning Results

Confident Knowledgeable Communicator

  • Students will develop the ability to listen, read, write, speak, and calculate with clarity and precision.
  • Students will develop an ever-increasing core of general knowledge.

Creative Problem Solver

  • Students will develop the ability to think analytically, logically, and abstractly to effectively solve problems.
  • Students will take academic responsibility.

Global Community Member

  • Students will develop a sense of responsibility to become contributing and productive members of the local and global community.

Proficient User of Technology

  • Students will develop the technological skills to effectively and confidently access, analyze, process, and synthesize information.

Participant in Visual and Performing Arts

  • Students participate in a visual and performing arts program where they create in and respond to the four arts disciplines (dance, music, theater, and visual art.)
  • Students will demonstrate an understanding of cultural, historical, and aesthetic relationships in these VAPA disciplines.


STAR Learning Expectations

Work and Study Habits:

  1. Follows directions first time given
  2. Stays on assigned tasks
  3. Works well independently or within a group
  4. Works neatly, carefully, and organizes work well
  5. Completes class work, homework, and make-up work on time

Personal Behavior:

  1. Shows respect for authority
  2. Is quiet at appropriate times
  3. Accepts responsibility
  4. Participates in class activities
  5. Exhibits acceptable behavior in the cafeteria, hallways, restrooms, library, recess, etc…

"Students Taking Academic Responsibility"