RSA Employment

Thank you for your interest in Redding School of the Arts. Our school uses an on-line application process called ED-JOIN.

ED-JOIN, or Education Job Opportunities Information Network, is an on-line service used by many school districts in California. It allows applicants to submit one application for a position at RSA and update it or revise it for other positions that become available within the district.

Applicants will also submit their credential, letters of recommendation, transcripts, resume, and other certificates on-line. Please do not email your application, resume, credential, certificates, transcripts or letters of recommendation directly to Human Resources. To be considered for a position, all materials must be submitted through ED-JOIN.

Our school/district is committed to providing every child a quality education in a safe environment. We cannot do this alone, and the support of parents, staff, and our community is vitally important to the success of our students. Working together, we can ensure that all of our children are prepared to be successful workers, family members, and citizens.

By clicking on the ED-JOIN link below, you can review the current job postings to determine the position or positions for which you are qualified.

Click the link below to view the EdJoin job postings:


Employment Documents and Forms