Redding School of the Arts (RSA) PTC works to promote community within our school through events such as a Back-to-School Picnic, a First Day of School morning social, Camp out Dessert Social, Character Awards, Teacher Appreciation Week, and an End of Year Thank You party.  Last year through our fundraisers and flat donations, PTC was able to support our school, the staff, and our students by donating more than $74,000, including completely fulfilling the Teachers' Wish List, completing the Piano Lab, and a large contribution to the Children's Theater. Our goals this year are to work hard to continue raising the funds needed for our classrooms, help support our teachers and staff, and to help facilitate positive communication between our school and parents. The hard work we put into our school really pays off for our children! Please join us at our monthly meetings as often as you can. We thank you for your dedication and support which helps to make our school such a wonderful place!
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2022-2023 PTC Board

Anya Polen - President

Tiffany Jones - Vice President

Jessica Gregory - Secretary

Abby Schanuth - Treasurer

Officers at Large 
Katie Zahner
Melissa Knowles

PTC Meetings

Please join us for some refreshments and get all the information on what the PTC is doing for RSA!

PTC meetings are being held in the community room at 8:00 a.m. on the following dates:

Executive Meetings:
August 19
September 16
October 14
November 4
December 9
January 13
February 10
March 17
April 21
May 12

General Meetings:
August 26
September 23
October 28
November 18
December 16
January 20
February 17
March 24
April 28
May 19

PTC Documents

PTC General agenda 1.20.23.pdf

PTC Executive agenda 1-13-23.pdf

PTC general agenda 12.16.22.pdf

PTC General agenda 11.17.22(1).PDF

PTC Executive agenda 11.4.22(1).PDF

PTC Executive Meeting Agenda 5-12-2022.pdf

PTC General Meeting Minutes 4-28-2022.pdf

PTC General Meeting Agenda 4-28-2022.pdf

PTC Executive Meeting Agenda 4-21-2022.pdf

PTC Executive Meeting Agenda 3-18-2022.pdf

PTC General Meeting Agenda 2-17-2022.pdf

PTC General Meeting Minutes 2.17.2022.pdf

PTC General Meeting Minutes 1-27-2022.pdf

PTC General Meeting Minutes 12.16.2021.pdf

PTC General Meeting Agenda 12-16-2021.pdf

PTC Executive Meeting Agenda 12.9.2021.pdf

PTC General Meeting Minutes 11-18-2021.pdf

PTC General Meeting Agenda 11-18-2021.pdf

PTC Executive Meeting Agenda 11-12-2021.pdf

PTC General Meeting Agenda 10-28-2021.pdf

PTC Executive Meeting Agenda 10-21-2021.pdf

PTC 9-30-21General Meeting Agenda .pdf

PTC Executive Meeting Agenda 9-23-21.pdf

PTC General Meeting Minutes 8-26-21.pdf

PTC General Meeting Agenda 8-26-21.pdf

PTC Executive Meeting Agenda 8-19-21.pdf

PTC General Meeting Minutes 5-20-21.pdf

PTC General. Meeting Agenda 5-20-21.pdf

PTC Executive. Meeting Minutes 5-13-21.pdf

PTC Executive Meeting Agenda 5-13-21.pdf

PTC General. Meeting Minutes 4-22-21.pdf

PTC General Meeting Agenda 4-22-21.pdf

PTC Executive Meeting Agenda 4-15-21.pdf

3.25.2021 PTC General Meeting Minutes.pdf

PTC General Meeting Agenda 3-25-21.pdf

PTC General Meeting Agenda 2-25-21.pdf

PTC General Meeting Agenda 1-28-2021.pdf

PTC Executive Meeting Agenda 1-21-2021.pdf

AUCTION - 2023

January 28, 2023 at Win River Casino


General Documents
2020.2021 RSA Obligated Funds.pdf
PTC Copy of FPAE Fiscal Policies and Procedures Manual.pdf
PTC Job Descriptions 2016-final.pdf
PTC Reimbursement Form (88 KB)