RSA Theater Booster Club
"Helping our RSA stars shine since the early 2000's"

The RSA Theater Booster Club (TBC) is a parent organization that seeks to support the performing arts programs within Redding school of the Arts.  The performances include the annual Talent Showcase, grade level music performances, the Middles School and Theme Day Musicals, and many other performances that take place throughout the school year.  Visit our online store at to donate, make a payment, and purchase tickets or merchandise

There are many opportunities for our students’ families to get involved and make a real difference for our students.  We are always looking for adult volunteers to be part of the different committees of TBC (Costumes, Make-up, Set construction, Program design, T-shirt sales, etc).  The hours you volunteer count towards the total hours required by RSA for parent involvement.  Your child does not need to be in the middle school production for you to be part of TBC.

TBC meets monthly to share updates from committees and ensure all performing arts events are fully supported.  All are welcome!

If you are interested in learning more about TBC or getting involved, contact us at [email protected].

President - Katie Swartz
Vice President - Rosanna Redding
Vice President - Kerri Loomis
Treasurer - Fran Patterson
Secretary - Jody Thornock
Officer-at-Large - Alexsis Owens
Officer-at-Large - Tiffany Williams

TBC Documents

Bylaws TBC BYLAWS.pdf


TBC volunteer interest form Parent Volunteer Interest Form.pdf

Middle School Musical

Dear families of our Little Mermaid cast, crew, and Orffestra,

Your TBC is so excited to get started on another amazing year in support of RSA's musical production.  Whether you are a veteran of the RSA musical program or this is your first year, your knowledge, insight, ideas, and energy will be essential!  We have several major changes to our program this year, so please review this email carefully.  More information will be available at our upcoming Mandatory Family meeting.

First, we welcome the newest addition to our crew of amazing show directors and teachers, who will be joining Mr. Burkett, Ms. Steffensen, Ms. Hess, and Ms. Warmington as our fearless leaders in this adventure.  Ms. Stoxen will be providing drama direction and production oversight for our show.  Ms. Stoxen has directed many children’s musicals in Redding over the years, so her experience and expertise will be of great value to us as we move our program forward!

Second, our show timeline for this year is going to be shifted quite a bit as compared to the past couple of years.  In an effort to provide our students with a variety of performing arts experiences, we will be hosting our production at an offsite theater rather than in the RSA amphitheater this year.  This change will allow us to perform in mid-January, leaving a full trimester for our students to engage with different electives that will broaden their educational opportunities and encourage new interests and growth.  This change will also provide our students with more community exposure and allow us to grow our community partnerships so that educational theater can continue to develop and thrive in Redding.

Because of this shift in our production schedule, we will be hosting our pre-audition Mandatory Family Meeting on THURSDAY, AUGUST 24 at 6PM in the RSA Amphitheater (please note that there is a typo on a flyer that has been circulating - Thursday, August 24 is the correct date).  This meeting is for ALL Little Mermaid cast, set design, and Orffestra students and their parents/guardians.  We will review information that is relevant to all participants first, and then our Set Design and Orffestra students and their families will be dismissed while Cast students and families continue the discussion and learn more about our audition process.  Auditions will take place after school on August 30 & 31 with callbacks on September 1.  

Again, more detailed information will be available at the Mandatory Meeting.  If you have any urgent questions between now and the meeting, please send an email to us at [email protected].  We are looking forward to supporting your families and partnering with you on this magical under-the-sea journey!

Katie Swartz
TBC President
On behalf of the RSA Theater Booster Club

TBC Meeting Documents

 ARCHIVE 20222023 TBC General Meeting Minutes (1).pdf

General Documents

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