Virtual School Program

Serving Families living in Shasta County or adjoining counties desiring access to quality education.

Children pursuing their passion such as acting, traveling teams, demanding rehearsal schedules.

Families who opt out of immunization requirements or are new to the state who have not met these requirements.

Allows a student to study at his or her own pace within the limits of compulsory attendance requirements.

Challenges each student to excel in his or her area of special interest, abilities and learning styles.

Facilitates the student's education through the support of a credentialed teacher including Special Education and English Language Development.

Virtual School
  • Students not meeting immunization requirements.
  • Instructional materials or internet curriculum as well as additional books will be provided through the school.

Virtual School Educational Elements

Lessons are standards and developed by subject matter and guided by credentialed teacher with a pacing guide for instruction;

Discretionary educational fund of $1000 and a Chromebook or $1300 for directional educational fund with prior teacher approval.

Home School

For students meeting immunization requirements   

Students can participate in electives, performances, clubs, assemblies, school field trips, camp-outs, and theme days.

  • Has no ceiling; your child can excel to the best of his or her ability. We can pull in resources as needed.            
  • Offers an optional enrichment class once per week -- half day for the younger children and half day for the older ones. Music, writing projects, thematic activities, integrated math/science activities and so on may be seen as a supplement to the general home school program.
  • Allows some leeway for experienced home school parents to use alternative materials for certain pieces of the curriculum on a case by case basis.
Sequence for Enrollment
  1. Obtain enrollment forms from the school office or website, fill out, and return (955 Inspiration Place.)