Admission Policy

In addition to the standard admission requirements of public education schools, Redding School of the Arts has the following special requirements:

  • A commitment by the student to pursue the student's personal interest in an area of visual or performing arts beyond what the school provides. A commitment by parents/guardians and student for flexibility in scheduling.
  • Parent participation is essential to the success of the school. Parents/guardians will be asked to serve on committees, share expertise in specific areas of need, help with outreach, assist in classes and to support the work of the school in the home. They will be asked to donate time and/or money toward the establishment of the school.
  • Race, ethnic group, immigration status, economic status, religion or disability will not influence admission or placement categories.
  • Parents and students formally apply for a place in the lottery by submitting a completed application for admittance signed by both parties.
  • Application deadlines:  The first lottery draw will be from applications received no later than January 22 and the second draw from applications received no later than the 3rd Friday in April.   

To learn more information about the school, interested parents may contact the charter school site where they can read a copy of the charter, pick up a preliminary application form and a description of the current program offerings. Visitation days are scheduled periodically throughout the year so that interested parents may observe classrooms (we encourage parents to participate in a visitation day). Each interested family who has submitted an application for admittance will be invited to an validation meeting in April during which the program, the student requirements, guidelines, and the lottery procedures will be explained.

  1. The staff at RSA will be allotted spaces for their own children.
  2. Out of respect for the integrity of families, younger siblings of currently enrolled students who are old enough to attend the following year will be given automatic enrollment if an appropriate space exists.
  3. Students from prior years' lotteries will be admitted or retain their position on the waiting list.
  4. Lottery results will determine the order of admission in each category, with new lottery results being added below names on the existing waiting list. Applying students will have their names placed in the lottery based on grade.
  5. The lottery will be held the first Tuesday in May.
  6. The lottery will be drawn youngest to oldest, beginning with kindergarten. Siblings will be drawn by family groups, unless otherwise stated by parent/guardian.
  7. Order of admittance within each grade will be done by drawing numbers, which have been assigned to names. The available spaces will be filled from the ordered lists created by the order of the draw.
  8. Children that are admitted will receive a letter verifying his/her placement.
  9. Children placed on the waiting list will be sent a letter verifying their place on the waiting list. 

*It is not necessary for applicants or their parents to be present at the lottery.

*The lottery procedure outlined above only admits students to Redding Schools of the Arts or the waiting list. It does not determine classroom placement.

Download Applications and Forms

Kindergarten Application 2019-2021.pdf

Application Grades 1 - 8th- 2019-2021.pdf

H-S Virt Application for Admittance 2018-2020.pdf